First Conditional

  1. If the weather is good at the weekend, will you go out?
  2. If there is another global recession, do you think you’ll be affected?
  3. If your country wins the next football world cup, will you be surprised?
  4. If the next president of the US is a woman, will you be happy?
  5. If global temperatures continue to rise, do you think it will be a problem?
  6. If artificial intelligence continues to improve, will it be the end of the human race?
  7. If you learn to speak English perfectly, how will it change your life?
  8. If you have problems sleeping tonight, what will you do?
  9. If you get a pay rise this year, what will you spend it on?
  10. If you find 100 euros or dollars in the street this evening, what will you do?
  11. If you are invited to a party this weekend, will you go?
  12. If you see a homeless man on your way home today, will you give him money?
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