Used to

  1. Did your mother or father use to read to you when you were very young?
  2. What did you use to watch on television when you were in your early teens?
  3. Did you use to eat too many sweets during childhood?
  4. What did you use to eat for breakfast as a teenager?
  5. Did you use to go on foreign holidays a child? Where did you use to go?
  6. What time did you use to go to bed as a child?
  7. Did you use to be a good student at school?
  8. What subjects did you use to like studying at school?
  9. Who used to be your favourite teacher at school?
  10. Did you use to do all your homework on time at school??
  11. Did you use to have a pet when you were younger?
  12. What did you use to like doing in your spare time as a child?
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