The teaching materials on this website are designed to be used by teachers in the EFL/ESL classroom to give students an opportunity to communicate in their second language. The questions are designed to be accessible to a general audience, but are open enough to allow advanced speakers to develop more elaborate responses.

For each question set, four downloadable worksheets are available in PDF format. The first, 'individual' option, is simply a numbered list of all the available questions on the topic allowing each student to see every question. The second, 'pairs' option, divides the questions into two equal parts (student A and student B). This allows participants to take turns both posing the questions and offering answers. The third, 'threes' option, divides the questions into three equal parts allowing three students to form a group. In a class with odd numbers, a combination of 'pairs' and 'threes' can be used to ensure all class members are active. Finally, there is a 'cards' option in which the questions are printed on a series of cards which the teacher can cut out and distribute to students. This allows students to form larger groups and take turns asking and answering the questions.

Of course, for the worksheets here to be successful, the EFL teacher should prepare his or her students properly for the activity. This could involve pre-teaching vocabulary, developing key discussion skills or introducing students to the topic in hand in an interesting and engaging way. When students are properly prepared for a speaking activity, the likelihood of its success is greatly increased.

This website was designed and all the questions were written by John O'Leary, an EFL/EAP teacher from the UK. For any queries or suggestions, feel free to email at johnol22442244@gmail.com.