1. Which animal most fascinates you and why?
  2. What is the most exotic animal you have ever seen?
  3. Have you ever had a pet? What sort of animal was it?
  4. Do you think that growing up with a pet is beneficial for children?
  5. Does your country have any dangerous wild animals?
  6. Are there any animals which frighten you?
  7. Does your national flag or emblem feature an animal?
  8. Do you consider human beings to be animals? Are you an animal?
  9. Why do we tell children stories which feature animals as characters?
  10. Do you think that human beings can learn anything from animals?
  11. Are there any (non-human) animals which can learn a language?
  12. Are there any animals which have emotions? What sort of emotions do they have?
  13. Apart from humans, which animal would you say is the most intelligent?
  14. Do you think animals have rights? What sort of rights do they have?
  15. If it is possible to live without meat, is it right to kill animals for food?
  16. On balance, would you say zoos are a good thing for animals or not?
  17. Do human beings have a responsibility to help endangered animals?
  18. Is there anything wrong with killing an insect?
  19. Have you ever been on safari in Africa? Would you like to one day?
  20. Do you have any interest in taxidermy? Why are some people fascinated by this?
  21. Can you think of a great film about an animal?
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