1. Which languages should children learn at school?
  2. Why is learning a second language more difficult than the first?
  3. Could you teach your language to someone else?
  4. Are native speakers the best language teachers?
  5. Is it rude to speak your own language around people who can’t understand?
  6. Does the language you speak affect your personality?
  7. If you could change your first language, would you?
  8. How many languages can a single person learn?
  9. What is the most beautiful language in the world?
  10. What is the most useful language in the world?
  11. Which do you think is the most difficult language?
  12. Is it a problem that many of the world’s languages are dying?
  13. Should everybody in the world speak the same language?
  14. Should the government control how we use language?
  15. What three languages would you really like to speak?
  16. Is it possible to think without language?
  17. Can machines use language?
  18. Can everybody learn a second language?
  19. Is it possible to fall in love with someone who doesn’t speak your language?
  20. Which is most important to language learning: reading, writing, speaking or listening?
  21. Is it possible to forget your first language?
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