1. How many departments are there in your organisation? Are they all useful?
  2. What does your department do? What is your role?
  3. How many buildings does your company own? Are they in one place or spread around?
  4. Where are your company headquarters? Would you like to work there?
  5. Do you have your own office? Would you like one?
  6. Do you have an assistant who works for you? Would an assistant be useful?
  7. Are you near the top of your organisation? Would you like to get there?
  8. Is there too much bureaucracy in your company? How do you deal with it?
  9. Would you describe the leadership of your company as democratic? Should it be?
  10. How would you restructure the hierarchy of your organisation if you had the chance?
  11. Are there any activities in your company which should be centralised? Why?
  12. Are there any activities which would be better decentralised in your company?
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