1. Would you say that good communication is central to your job?
  2. Do people communicate well in your company? How could it be improved?
  3. What is the secret to successful communication in the workplace?
  4. How important is small talk in a business situation? Do you use it?
  5. Are formal meetings a good way to communicate?
  6. Do you answer phone calls and emails during your days off?
  7. Do you feel comfortable when talking on the phone in English?
  8. In general, is it better to text or call a business partner?
  9. Do you ever write letters as part of your work? Why don't you use email instead?
  10. Has electronic communication made the workplace more or less stressful in general?
  11. How important is it to be concise when communicating with business partners?
  12. How do you think workplace communication will change in the future?
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