1. Did you enjoy science lessons at school?
  2. Which of the sciences interests you most?
  3. Which science do you think is the most important?
  4. Would you like to work as a scientific researcher?
  5. Is science relevant to our everyday lives?
  6. What are the greatest scientific achievements in history?
  7. What major scientific breakthroughs have there been in the last 50 years?
  8. Who is the greatest scientist in your country’s history?
  9. Who is the greatest living scientist in the world?
  10. What is there left to discover?
  11. What would you say is the purpose of science?
  12. Who were the first human beings to do science?
  13. What do you understand by the scientific method?
  14. Is science capable of providing us with absolute truth?
  15. Are there any questions which science cannot answer?
  16. Can science and religion live alongside each other?
  17. According to science, a human being is just a material object. Do you agree?
  18. Can science be dangerous?
  19. Would you be happy to donate your body to medical science?
  20. Do you enjoy science-fiction novels and movies?
  21. Should your government spend more or less money on scientific research?
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