Team Building

  1. Is good teamwork essential to the kind of work you do?
  2. What role do you normally play in a team? Why is that?
  3. Are you normally very active in group discussions or do you prefer to listen?
  4. Have you ever been part of a very successful team?
  5. Have you been part of a team which failed to achieve its objective? What went wrong?
  6. What are the main reasons why teamwork sometimes breaks down?
  7. What makes a good team player in your opinion?
  8. What can a manager do to build a strong team?
  9. Are people more creative when they work as a team or individually?
  10. Are there occasions when it is better to work as an individual rather than in a team?
  11. Can you think of some good team building exercises which might work?
  12. How can teams ensure that they make good decisions?
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