ESL discussion questions about the way people are.

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  1. Is it possible to judge a person's personality by their appearance?
  2. Do you know anyone who has a very bad personality? What are they like?
  3. What makes a person develop a bad personality?
  4. Is it possible for a person to change their personality?
  5. Do you think a psychiatrist can help to change a person's personality?
  6. Would you agree that beautiful people tend to have bad personalities?
  7. What sort of personality is needed to be a good friend?
  8. What sort of personality is needed to be a good leader?
  9. What are the main personality differences between men and women?
  10. Which personality trait most annoys you in other people?
  11. What is the best aspect of your personality?
  12. Is there an aspect of your personality that you would like to change?
  13. Do we inherit our personality from our parents?
  14. Is our personality formed by the environment or by nature?
  15. How can we make sure our children develop good personalities?
  16. What do you think about the personality tests you see in magazines?
  17. Are young people today more selfish than the older generation? Why?
  18. Does being the oldest or youngest child in a family influence personality?
  19. Does a person's personality depend on their nationality?
  20. Why are some people shy? Is it possible for them to change?
  21. Is it possible to not care at all about what other people think of you?
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How to use the personality ESL discussion questions

It is recommended that you download the personality ESL discussion questions in PDF format using one of the links above. The best way to encourage classroom interaction is to download and print the personality discussion questions in the 'pairs' or 'threes' PDF format and then divide the questions by cutting along the dotted lines. This allows students to take turns asking and answering the personality discussion questions in groups of two or three. Alternatively, you could use the 'cards' format to distribute the questions to any number of students to ask and share.

It is advisable to prepare students for using these discussion questions by first introducing them to the topic of personality in an interesting and engaging way. An anecdote, quiz question or a related image or video could all be used to achieve this. Depending on the level, it may also be necessary to pre-teach any challenging vocabulary related to personality contained in the discussion questions.

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