1. Have you ever taken a business trip? Where did you go?
  2. Is it important to travel first class on a business trip?
  3. Should a business traveller stay in a five-star hotel or something cheaper?
  4. What sort of entertainment should a business traveller expect from their host?
  5. What kind of things do you think travel expenses should cover?
  6. What are the five most important things you should take on a business trip?
  7. What are normally the main objectives of a business trip?
  8. If you go abroad on business, should you try and learn the language of your hosts?
  9. Would you be happy to travel to the other side of the world on business?
  10. Would you be happy to travel regularly on business (e.g. every month)?
  11. Where in the world would you love to go on business?
  12. Now we have Skype, there is no real reason for business travel. Do you agree?
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