1. Do you think you received a good education?
  2. Were you a good student at school?
  3. What are the three most important school subjects?
  4. Should foreign languages be taught at school?
  5. At what age should children be allowed to leave school?
  6. What do you think about the education system in your country?
  7. Is the standard of education getting better or worse?
  8. Is it right that some parents send their children to private schools?
  9. Should an education prepare people for work or for life?
  10. Should children learn practical skills like cooking at school?
  11. What is the main purpose of education?
  12. What makes a great teacher?
  13. Can you remember a great teacher from school?
  14. Are teachers paid enough?
  15. Should university education be free?
  16. Which is the best university in the world?
  17. Do you think there is enough discipline in schools today?
  18. Should corporal punishment be allowed in schools?
  19. Can technology help improve the standard of education?
  20. Should students be allowed to use mobile phones in class?
  21. Are school uniforms a good idea?
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