1. What is your general attitude to risk?
  2. Have you ever taken a big risk in your life? What was it?
  3. How many risks have you taken today?
  4. Do you think you need to take bigger risks in the future?
  5. All in all, would you consider yourself to be a lucky person?
  6. What sort of risks does a person need to take to be successful in the modern workplace?
  7. What kind of risks do companies need to take to be successful?
  8. Can you think of an example of a big risk taken by a large company?
  9. In the long term, are risk-takers more successful?
  10. Do you think investing in stocks and shares is a good idea?
  11. Do you think that risk-taking caused the global recession of the early 21st century?
  12. Should a manager take risks with a company's money?
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