ESL discussion questions about tying the knot.

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  1. Is there a secret to a happy marriage? What is it?
  2. What would you say makes a good husband?
  3. What would you say makes a good wife?
  4. How long should a couple date before getting married?
  5. What is the best age at which to get married?
  6. How much of an age difference is possible between a married couple?
  7. Many couples choose never to get married. Do you think this is a good idea?
  8. Why has the divorce rate increased in many countries in recent years?
  9. Is it better to have children before or after getting married?
  10. Is the main purpose of marriage to have children?
  11. Should unhappy couples stay together for the sake of the children?
  12. Do men or women benefit more from marriage?
  13. Should marriage be for life?
  14. Does getting married mean less freedom?
  15. Is it possible for a married couple to live separately?
  16. What do you think of prenuptial agreements? Would you enter into one?
  17. Do you think couples spend too much money on their wedding ceremonies?
  18. Why do celebrity marriages nearly always fail?
  19. Can a marriage arranged by the family ever work?
  20. Same-sex marriages are now legal in many countries. What do you think about this?
  21. What do you think of polygamous marriages? Would you like to enter one?
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How to use the marriage ESL discussion questions

It is recommended that you download the marriage ESL discussion questions in PDF format using one of the links above. The best way to encourage classroom interaction is to download and print the marriage discussion questions in the 'pairs' or 'threes' PDF format and then divide the questions by cutting along the dotted lines. This allows students to take turns asking and answering the marriage discussion questions in groups of two or three. Alternatively, you could use the 'cards' format to distribute the questions to any number of students to ask and share.

It is advisable to prepare students for using these discussion questions by first introducing them to the topic of marriage in an interesting and engaging way. An anecdote, quiz question or a related image or video could all be used to achieve this. Depending on the level, it may also be necessary to pre-teach any challenging vocabulary related to marriage contained in the discussion questions.

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