1. What is your favourite sport?
  2. What was your favourite sport as a child?
  3. Are you good at sport?
  4. Do you think professional sports stars are paid too much?
  5. Is time watching sport time well spent?
  6. What is the most difficult sport to play?
  7. Do you think sport should be played at school?
  8. Does sport benefit society?
  9. Do you think we should watch more women's sports?
  10. What can you learn from playing sport?
  11. Is it better to play sport competitively or just for fun?
  12. It's not the winning that counts, it's the taking part. Do you agree?
  13. Why should we admire sports stars?
  14. What do you think about American sports like baseball and basketball?
  15. Can you remember a great sporting event that you watched?
  16. What should we do when people cheat at sports?
  17. Why is football the most popular game in the world?
  18. Would you say darts is a sport? What about chess?
  19. Do you think sportsmen and women should be allowed to take drugs?
  20. Why do people watch sport?
  21. Sport is like war. Do you agree?
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