1. Would you say you have a healthy diet?
  2. Are there any foods you really hate?
  3. Do you have any food allergies?
  4. What is your favourite dish?
  5. What would you cook for your partner on a romantic date?
  6. How often to you eat in restaurants? Is this a good way to eat?
  7. Do you enjoy desserts? What is your favourite?
  8. Do you agree that women are better cooks than men?
  9. Which nation’s cuisine is the best?
  10. English food is terrible. Do you agree with this?
  11. Do you think people in your country have a healthy diet?
  12. Do people eat better or worse than 50 years ago?
  13. Is it a good idea to eat your evening meal in front of the television?
  14. What should you eat to have a healthy diet?
  15. Do you agree that healthy food always tastes bad?
  16. Would you say fast food is harmful to young people?
  17. Should children be allowed to eat what they want at school?
  18. Do you think the microwave was a great invention?
  19. Should cooking be taught at school?
  20. Vegetarians believe that eating meat is wrong. Do you agree with them?
  21. What do you think about genetically modified food? Is this the future?
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