Building Relationships

  1. What is the best way to build a good relationship with customers in your opinion?
  2. Would you say that your company has a good relationship with its customers?
  3. How should a manager build a good relationship with his or her staff?
  4. Do you get on well with your boss? Why or why not?
  5. Do you think regular staff meetings help to build positive relationships?
  6. How important is it for staff members to build relationships between each other?
  7. Should staff members socialise together outside of work?
  8. Would you say you have good relationship building skills? What are you good at?
  9. What are the most important things to remember when building relationships with business partners?
  10. What are the most common reasons for a breakdown in relations between business partners?
  11. Is it possible to maintain a good relationship with a business partner without meeting face-to-face?
  12. What is the best way to make new business contacts?
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