1. Does your company offer any training programmes? Do you think they are useful?
  2. What kind of training would staff in your company benefit from the most?
  3. Have you ever taken part in a training programme that was useless? What was wrong with it?
  4. Can you think of a training programme which would be useful to you?
  5. What sort of skills do you think young people in your country lack the most?
  6. Do you think your government should offer free work-related training to young people?
  7. Should employees in your country receive free English language training?
  8. Would you say that employees in your company need to improve their computer skills?
  9. Will online training be very big in the future?
  10. If you can learn something from a book, there is no point going to a class. Do you agree?
  11. What would you say is the difference between education and training?
  12. Do you need to have a university degree to work for your company? Do you think this is right?
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