1. How often do you go to art galleries? Do you enjoy visiting them?
  2. Do you think art galleries should be free? Why or why not?
  3. Do you like to draw or paint? Would you like to start doing it?
  4. Did you use to enjoy drawing and painting as a child?
  5. What paintings do you have hanging in your house right now?
  6. Would you like to be an artist? Why or why not?
  7. Who is the greatest painter in your country’s history?
  8. Who is the greatest painter in world history?
  9. Who is the greatest living painter?
  10. What do you think about modern art in general? Is it an improvement on the past?
  11. Do you like the work of Picasso?
  12. Do you think painting and sculpture are still relevant in the 21st century?
  13. What would you say is the purpose of art?
  14. What is the difference between a good work of art and a great work of art?
  15. Do you think that a computer program is capable of creating art?
  16. Do cave paintings really count as art?
  17. How important is it that children study art at school?
  18. How much would you be willing to pay for a great work of art?
  19. Do you think that graffiti counts as art? Why or why not?
  20. Do you think that film has replaced painting as the primary visual art form?
  21. Artists are lazy people who try to avoid work at all costs. Do you agree with this?
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