ESL discussion questions about fashion.

  1. How much do you care about the clothes you wear?
  2. Do you need to spend a lot of money to get good quality clothes?
  3. Who do you think is the most stylish person in the world?
  4. What is more important when it comes to clothing, comfort or style?
  5. Are there any fashion labels you really like?
  6. Do you enjoy reading fashion magazines?
  7. Do you have a favourite fashion accessory?
  8. Where do you usually buy your clothes?
  9. Do you think you live in a fashionable city?
  10. Have you ever bought tailor-made clothes? Would you ever buy them?
  11. In your opinion, which decade produced the best fashion?
  12. What is the worst fashion faux pas you can think of?
  13. Would you ever employ a fashion stylist?
  14. How important is it to dress well?
  15. Why is fashion more important to women than to men?
  16. Who decides what is fashionable and what is not?
  17. Why are the young usually considered to be more fashionable than the old?
  18. Can a good fashion sense make an ugly person beautiful?
  19. Which country produces the best fashion?
  20. Do you think there is too much pressure on young people to be fashionable?
  21. Do you think fashion begins in North America or in Europe?
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How to use these materials

It is recommended that you download the ESL discussion questions in PDF format using one of the links above. The best way to encourage classroom interaction is to download and print the discussion questions in the 'pairs' or 'threes' PDF format and then divide the questions by cutting along the dotted lines. This allows students to take turns asking and answering the discussion questions in groups of two or three.

It is advisable to prepare students for using these discussion questions by first introducing them to the topic in an interesting and engaging way. An anecdote, quiz question or a related image or video could all be used to achieve this. Depending on the level, it may also be necessary to pre-teach any challenging vocabulary contained in the discussion questions.

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