1. Has your boss ever told you to do something unethical? Did you do it?
  2. Can you claim business expenses in your job? Do you always do so honestly?
  3. Do you think it is acceptable to steal small items from work like stationery?
  4. Is it wrong to lie on your CV? What about to mildly exaggerate?
  5. Businesses should try and avoid (not evade) paying taxes when they can. Do you agree?
  6. Is it ethical to have a romantic relationship with a business partner? What if it is true love?
  7. Is the main purpose of business to make a profit? If not, what is the main purpose?
  8. Would you help a member of your family get a job at your company? Is it right to do so?
  9. Does a company ever have the right to read an employee's emails?
  10. Should a company always be totally honest when advertising?
  11. Should a company be forced to reveal how much it pays its executives?
  12. Is it ever right to hire someone because they are attractive?
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