Human Resources

  1. Do you enjoy job interviews? Are you successful at them?
  2. What is the secret of job interview success?
  3. What is the single biggest mistake you can make in a job interview?
  4. If you applied for a job tomorrow, do you think you could get two good references?
  5. How would you advise a man to dress for a job interview?
  6. How would you advise a woman to dress for an interview?
  7. Does having a university degree really help you get a better job?
  8. Do beautiful people find it easier to get good jobs?
  9. If you were hiring someone to take over your job, what qualities would you look for?
  10. Do you think a person’s marital status should be taken into account when they apply for a job?
  11. Why do you think it is more difficult for someone over 60 to get a new job?
  12. Being successful is not about what you know, it is about who you know. Do you think there is some truth in this expression?
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