International Markets

  1. How much do you know about what your country imports and exports?
  2. Is there a particular product you would love to see imported into your country?
  3. What is your country's most famous export?
  4. Does your country have a good trade relationship with the rest of the world?
  5. Do you think the government of your country should do more to protect local industries?
  6. Do you prefer buying products produced in your own country or from abroad?
  7. Do you think the World Trade Organization has made international trade easier?
  8. Is absolute free trade between countries possible? Is it desirable?
  9. Has international trade made the world a better place?
  10. Do you think international trade will continue to increase in future? How will it change?
  11. Do you think the European Union is good or bad for international trade?
  12. Do you ever buy Fairtrade products? Can doing this help developing countries?
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