1. What kind of service does a consultant typically provide?
  2. Why do companies choose to hire outside consultants? What benefits can they bring?
  3. Has your company ever hired a consultant? Was it a success?
  4. If you were a consultant, what changes would you recommend your company make to improve business?
  5. If a consultant observed your work, what recommendations do you think they would make?
  6. How can a consultant ensure that they do not upset people with their criticisms?
  7. Some people say consultants are an expensive waste of time. Would you agree? Why or why not?
  8. Is hiring a consultant an investment in the success of a project?
  9. What skills are needed to be a good consultant?
  10. Why are some consultants paid so much?
  11. Would you like to work in consultancy yourself?
  12. Do you think the number of consultants hired by companies will increase in future?
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