1. What sort of knowledge does a manager need when developing good strategy?
  2. What single piece of strategy advice would you give to someone starting a new company?
  3. What major strategy errors do you think new companies make?
  4. What are the most important factors to consider when expanding a business?
  5. What are your company's current strategies and goals? Are you ever told about these?
  6. If you were in charge of your company, are there any strategy changes you would implement?
  7. What strategies can smaller companies use to compete with larger companies?
  8. What strategies can larger companies adopt to maintain an advantage over their rivals?
  9. Should it be the management or the workers who develop a company’s strategies?
  10. Should profit always be the main goal of a company?
  11. How many years into the future should a company plan?
  12. Can computer technology be used to help devise a company's business strategy?
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