1. Do you have a driving licence?
  2. What is your favourite kind of car? What about the colour?
  3. Are there too many cars on the road?
  4. What is the speed limit on the roads in your country? Is it too fast?
  5. Do you think self-driving cars are the future?
  6. Do you enjoy watching motor racing? Is it an interesting sport?
  7. How often do you use public transport?
  8. Is public transport reasonably priced where you are?
  9. Does your country have a good public transport system?
  10. How could public transport in your country be improved?
  11. What will public transport be like in the future?
  12. Do you ride a bike?
  13. Is it safe to ride a bike in your town or city?
  14. Do you think cyclists are annoying?
  15. In general, are the roads in your country safe?
  16. Which form of transport is the safest overall?
  17. Which kind of transport is the most environmentally friendly?
  18. Do you ever fly within your own country? Why or why not?
  19. Do you enjoy flying? Why or why not?
  20. Do you ever get travel sick?
  21. What is the most unusual kind of transport you have ever been on?
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