Holidays (Vacations)

  1. Where did you go on holiday last year?
  2. Do you prefer visiting cities or the countryside?
  3. Should a holiday be expensive?
  4. Is it better to go on holiday abroad or stay in your own country?
  5. Should you try and learn the local language of the country you visit?
  6. Are tourists ruining the environment?
  7. What is the best way to travel? By plane, train, bus or car?
  8. How many holidays per year should a person take?
  9. What is your best holiday experience?
  10. What is your worst holiday experience?
  11. Is it important to try the local cuisine?
  12. Would you rather stay in a 5-star hotel or on a campsite?
  13. Are holiday romances a good idea?
  14. Have you every been on holiday to the other side of the world?
  15. What is the perfect holiday weather?
  16. How much luggage do you usually take with you?
  17. What sort of souvenirs do you like to buy?
  18. How do you like to spend the day when you’re on holiday?
  19. Why do we go on holiday?
  20. How do you feel when you come home after a holiday?
  21. Is it best to travel with friends, family or go solo?
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